Recipe Development

Forte’s recipe development has led to some of the most sought after (and copied) dishes in the Toronto food scene. However Forte often works in the shadows and allows the chef and/or restaurateurs take the spotlight for said creations. Forte’s mosaic of exotic flavour combinations along with his love for home grown Canadian ingredients has led to him coining the term “Contemporary Canadian” Cuisine, Which is Forte’s cooking mantra and overall approaching to expressing his artistry.

Restaurant Consulting

As a travel enthusiast Forte dines extensively abroad in order to keep up-to-date with the latest international culinary and restaurant trends. More importantly, he is able to extract this market research into a workable concept.

For example, Forte is responsible for introducing Canada’s first “Waffle house” The Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles. Since its inception, the concept has birth 3 locations in under 2 years and has attracted international accreditation.

Degustation (Private Dining)

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or retirement? Forte’s themed private dining experiences are the perfect catalyst to ensure that the event is a memorable one.

The intimacy of being at home combined with the luxury of a professional touch. Forte curates unique dining menus and cocktail pairings that are conducive to your celebration.

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